maine small craft celebration

September 21 - 22, 2019
Portland Yacht Services
100 West Commercial Street
Portland, Maine

The 1st Annual Maine Small Craft Celebration is in the books. We had nice fall weather, if a bit windy on Saturday. We had a good turn out, but more importantly, they were happy visitors! We got many positive comments and they are looking forward to coming again next year. There were about 20 boats on the water and many got "tried and liked." Boat races on both Saturday and Sunday added excitement to the event. On land there were more boats on display, some well attended lectures and demonstrations, and exhibitors showing off their wares or touting their organization in the "big red building." The food trucks must have done well as Capt Bill used up all his lobster and PB&ME ran out of butter! They'll have more next year.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success: the exhibitors who spent the time and effort to come and set up their displays, the BYOB'ers who brought their boats and many gave rides, to the TSCA volunteers who manned the safety positions and gave presentations, and most of all to the Portland Yacht Services crew who worked overtime to prepare the site and continued to work throughout the weekend. Thanks!

We will regroup and start the planning for the 2nd annual Maine Small Craft Celebration. Check back as we will get the site updated soon. If you have suggestions or comments for the next MSCC let us know at

Sharing the joy of small boats

The 2nd Annual Maine Small Craft Celebration will be a 2 day event held on the shores of the Fore River in Portland on September 21-22, 2019. Small boats, sail, oar and power, will be on display on the water and on land. Demonstrations, workshops, and lectures will be given throughout the event focusing on building, operating and maintaining small boats.

The goal of the MSCC is to share the joy and appreciation of small boats: how they can be built by anyone, enjoyed safely on the water, and used to attract the next generation to Maine’s waters, our boating traditions, and the maritime professions. We want it to be fun, inexpensive and enduring.

The most unique feature will be the “Try it-Like it” dockside experience, where designers and builders will be there to discuss and demonstrate their boats and visitors will be able to take them for a test “drive” after learning the particulars about that craft.

Bring Your Own Boat (BYOB)  is for visitors to bring their own small boat for non-commercial display or use. You must register your boat if you want to participate by filling out the BYOB form.

Also on the water there will be demonstrations on rigging and rowing techniques and boat tours of the Portland harbor. Small boat races, rowing, sailing and power will scheduled both days and can be easily viewed from the newly constructed docks and seawall along PYS’s 2500’ river frontage.

Off the waterfront, in addition to having boats to sail, there will be boats for sale, as there will be an area for individuals and brokers to market their boats. Exhibitors will be on hand to allow visitors to interact with some of various maritime businesses and non-profits that operate along the Maine coast. There will be a children’s area with marine related crafts, a juried boat contest, a nautical flea market, and more.

Be sure to mark your calendar. While this celebration may mark the end of the boating season, it is really the start of the next boat planning and dreaming season! If you would like to participate or would like more information you can contact us at


We are currently planning for the 2nd Annual MSCC. Please check back for updates. Small Craft Definition for the MSCC. It's sort of you know it when you see it, but here are the general guidelines:

If you would like an invitation or more information contact us at

Site Plan


The next 2nd Annual Boat show is: September 21-22, 2019


2018 Boats

Here is a listing of the boats that were at the MSCC:

  • 17' Herreshoff Coquina
  • 16' Goat island Skiff
  • 20' Gaff yawl
  • 20' Small reach row
  • 17' Peapod custom built
  • 2- 13' Beach Pea peapods
  • 10' Compass skiff
  • 8' Pram
  • 18' Annapolis wherry
  • 10' Gunning dory
  • 17' Rangley row
  • 17' Herreshoff dble ender, skin on frame,
  • 10' turnabout
  • 19' Faering
  • 17' Harrier
  • 11' PT 11
  • 17' Canoe
  • 131' Harvey Gamage (tours)
  • 25' Centennial dory
  • 24' Gartside Motor Boat (rides)
  • 21' Sea Pearl
  • 22' Pulsifer Hampton
  • 5.75 meter Savo 575 Rowboat
  • 17' Tri windrider
  • 18' Marshall Cat
  • 4' Newfound Wookdworking cedar strip canoes
  • 14' Estabrook Skiff
  • 7' Estabrook Pram

Below is a list of some of the MSCC exhibitors. If you have a small boat, build or design small boats, have a business or organization involved with small craft and would like an invitation to this celebration please contact us at

Food Trucks:

Tim Estabrook's Serendipity design, 15ft. LOA and a variation of a Marblehead Skiff. Planked in White Pine over Locust and White Oak frames.

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